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Strategy Development Workshops

Customized workshops

RE:Action offers seminar-format workshops to help clients hone their marketing and communications strategy.  Workshops are customized to each client's individual requirements.

  • Flexible format:  Although most workshops consist of two or three sessions that last no more than a half day each, workshops can be conducted as one-day intensives or sessions can be spaced over a few weeks to accommodate your needs.

  • Individuals or small groups:  Intended for individuals or small groups sharing common communications objectives, group size normally varies from one to 20 participants.

  • Choose the location:  Although RE:Action recommends that you get away from your day-to-day environment to get the most benefit from a workshop, sessions are conducted in a location that is convenient for you.

Participant materials

Each participant receives a workbook that they can freely annotate and retain when the workshop is over.


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  • Accelerate the planning process

  • Confirm your USPs (unique selling propositions)

  • Review your product benefits

  • Distinguish between product benefits and product characteristics

  • Question your customer profile

  • Prioritize your markets

  • Summarize your competition

  • Establish strategic plans



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